Angola Cables picks crack SACS, WACS team

14 Nov 2012

Angola Cables has selected Alcatel-Lucent as technology provider for its 100Gbps terrestrial fibre-optic link with the West African Cable System (WACS) submarine system, supporting high speed internet services for customers of communications providers in Angola as well as in neighbouring countries. Antonio Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables, said: ‘Angola has already connectivity to the outside world, but via this new connection to the WACS through the establishment of this 100G link, consumers and businesses in Angola and throughout the region will benefit from a dramatic increase in the availability of communications services.’

Angola Cables has also announced the selection of APTelecom, a facilities-based telecom consulting and service company specialising in emerging markets, as international sales manager in the creation of a new submarine cable system joining Africa and South America, under the name SACS (South Atlantic Cable System [Angola–Brazil]). The cable will contain four fibre pairs, each capable of transmitting 100 wavelengths and initial speeds of 40Gbps, with provision to upgrade to 100Gbps. The SACS cable is planned to go live in 2014. As part of the overall project management, APTelecom will provide Angola Cables with specialists in the various commercial aspects of system design, procurement and the sales strategy behind leveraging the capabilities and reach of their network.

The SACS is designed to provide unique secure low latency routing avoiding current bottleneck locations routing via Africa and Asia to the United States and Europe. This new route will provide the global carrier community, content players, and ultra-low latency sensitive customers security through a diverse route via the Southern Hemisphere.

Angola Cables was formed in 2009 and is owned by the major Angolan telecoms companies, Angola Telecom with 51% of the capital, Unitel with 31%, MSTelcom with 9%, Movicel with 6%, and Startel with 3%. The consortium company is one of the major investors in the WACS submarine cable and is also operating a data centre at its POP in Luanda.

Angola, Alcatel-Lucent, Angola Telecom (AT), Movicel (Angola), MSTelcom, Startel (Angola), Unitel (Angola)