Google: Kenya only using 6% of internet capacity

9 Nov 2012

Kenya’s total bandwidth consumption is currently only a fraction of the country’s total internet capacity, Joseph Mucheru, Google’s sub-Saharan Africa ambassador has revealed to Capital FM. Mucheru, who said that Kenya is using just 6% of the national internet capacity of 8.4Tbps, believes that Wazi Wi-Fi, an initiative Google is overseeing in conjunction with the Wananchi Group, could improve take-up significantly. The scheme, which aims to provide affordable, on-the-go, broadband to the general public, currently counts 200 Wi-Fi hotspots across Nairobi. ‘Giving people access to the internet via Wazi Wi-Fi will help improve penetration of the internet and utilisation of the capacity we have, that is currently underused. The cost structure of the service helps break the cost barrier, which limits number of people using the internet.’ An unlimited daily subscription is priced at KES50 (USD0.57), while a monthly connection costs KES500.

Kenya, Google (Alphabet), Wananchi Group (Zuku)