Kordia, Orcon to merge into ‘Kordia New Zealand’

26 Oct 2012

Kordia Group has today announced the integration of its two New Zealand telecoms businesses, Kordia Networks and Orcon; the business will be called Kordia New Zealand. Group CEO Geoff Hunt has indicated that on the back of 27% growth in Orcon and 16% growth in Kordia Networks in the twelve months ended June 2012, Kordia has been evaluating the best format for its network business in anticipation of ongoing growth in a changed and more competitive telecoms environment. He commented: ‘Today’s announcement positions us to be solutions-led, combining the fast, innovative style of Orcon with the network quality of Kordia. It will create New Zealand’s most innovative and reliable provider of business-critical information services. The move will also enable us to eliminate the increasing duplication of network infrastructure and associated support staff. And as both businesses have developed services for business customers in parallel, the time is also right to rationalise the product set and present a simple, unified offering to this market. Orcon will remain a key brand focussed on residential and small business customers’. The CEO for the new Kordia New Zealand business will be Scott Bartlett, who currently heads Orcon.

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