FICORA seeks comments on 800MHz auction and licensing

26 Oct 2012

Finnish regulator FICORA has presented a proposal to parliament on amending the current Act on auctioning frequencies in the 2500MHz-2690 MHz range so that it can be applied to the auction of frequencies in the 800MHz band as well. The watchdog has now requested comments on the 800MHz frequency auction process, on the draft regulation known as FICORA Regulation 64 and on the associated Explanatory Notes of the Regulation. Comments have also been invited for the technical licence conditions for licences granted for the 800MHz band. The deadline for the consultation periods for all of the above is 14 November 2012.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in December 2010 an agreement was reached between Finnish and Russian spectrum authorities which allowed Finland to use the 800MHz frequency band for the provision of mobile services. A meeting of the working group on frequency management, a body operating under the Finnish-Russian Commission for Economic Cooperation, ruled that because Russia uses the band for air navigation systems, frequency coordination between the two countries was necessary. Test use in Finland must not interfere with frequency use in Russia, or the current use in Finland.