Ziggo’s public hotspots trial extended to Groningen

24 Oct 2012

Dutch cableco Ziggo and French-US equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent have announced plans to expand a trial of free public Wi-Fi hotspots to the province of Groningen. The pilot, which effectively turns homes into free Wi-Fi hotspots, will see 10,000 households activated on 1 November, followed by another 8,000 on 14 November, and marks a continuation of a smaller trial already being held by Ziggo in four neighbourhoods in Groningen city.

The cableco will use the trial service to explore how many of its modem routers can be accommodated to create as dense a mesh network as possible. Ziggo will also carry out consumer surveys to assess the customer experience of the service, which will be free to those households involved. As an additional fillip, Ziggo is upping participants’ bandwidth capacity by 10Mbps to ensure the open Wi-Fi link does not compromise their own upload/download requirements. The trial utilises Alca-Lu’s lightRadio Wi-Fi technology to give multiple Ziggo subscribers simultaneous access to wireless broadband internet services.