INCM launches universal access tender covering 50 rural areas

23 Oct 2012

The Instituto Nacional das Comunicacoes de Mocambique (INCM) has launched a public tender for the implementation of network infrastructure and the provision of universal telecommunications access services. The tender concerns the provision of voice and data services for rural communities, with the project’s 50 target locations, divided into three geographic regions (see below). The technology to be used will be defined by the operators themselves. Bids can be submitted until 28 January 2013.

The regions are broken down as follows:

• Zona Sul (south): Nhongonhane, Chicutso, Catuane, Calanga and Ilha Josina Machel (all Maputo); Saute, Zinhane, Nalazi, Godide and Hatihati (all Gaza); Malamba, Quewene, Zandamela, Jofane and Cupe (all Inhambane);

• Zona Centro (central): Macorrococho, Grudza, Phango, Maciambozi and Migugune (all Sofala); Rotanda-sede, Macate-sede, Mavonde-sede, Choa-sede and Demaufe-sede (all Manica); Malowera, Charre, Chioco, Chintolo and Muze (all Tete); Micaune-sede, Matilde, Mutala, Gorro and Muemue (all Zambezia);

• Zona Norte (north): Naminane, Mirrupi, Nataleia, Mahetha and Riane (all Nampula); Mualeia, Nacuale, Massingir, Torroro and Namara (all Cabo-Delgado); Cheia-Muipite, Cobue-sede, Namecuna, Muapula and Lione-sede (Niassa).

Mozambique, National Institute of Communications (INCM, aka ARECOM)