Virgin Media to extend free London Underground Wi-Fi access until end-2012

18 Oct 2012

British cableco Virgin Media has revealed that it will continue providing free access to the Wi-Fi infrastructure it has deployed across the London Underground until the end of the year. Originally the provider had indicated that it would begin charging for the service after the end of London Olympic Games. Meanwhile, from next year Virgin Media’s broadband and mobile subscribers will continue to have full online access, while the operator has confirmed that it is engaged with potential wholesale partners to provide the service to their own customers on an ongoing basis.

In line with announcing the extension of the free access to the service, Virgin Media has also announced a landmark in usage on the network, revealing that on one of its busiest 24-hour periods to date, more than one million tweets, Facebook posts, e-mails and web pages were delivered to the 661,000 people connected to the infrastructure. The cableco also confirmed that it now offers the service at 72 London Underground stations.

United Kingdom, Virgin Media