Belgacom and Alca-Lu on track with VDSL2 Vectoring trials

18 Oct 2012

Belgian fixed line incumbent Belgacom and French-US vendor Alcatel-Lucent have announced that they expect to commence large-scale customer trials of services using VDSL2 Vectoring technology before the end of the year. With Belgacom having contracted Alca-Lu for the deployment of the technology, the duo are ‘on track to deliver the next generation VDSL2 broadband network to a large majority of Belgian households’. Having conducted trials of the technology in which dedicated downlink speeds of 50Mbps were realised, it has been confirmed that Belgacom’s VDSL2 network currently delivers download speeds of 30Mbps to ‘the vast majority of customers’, while the telco claims to have more than one million active VDSL2 customers.

Belgacom and Alca-Lu inked a partnership deal last year for the joint development of the VDSL2 Vectoring technology, following which the Belgian telco confirmed plans for a nationwide upgrade of its large VDSL2 network. In outlining the progress made so far it was noted that Belgacom and Alca-Lu have worked with industry partners such as the home gateways manufacturers Sagemcom and Technicolor, and chipset developers Broadcom and Ikanos to prepare jointly an ‘operationally ready’ end-to-end solution.

Commenting on the developments, Geert Standaert, Executive Vice President Service Delivery Engine at Belgacom, was cited as saying: ‘Since 2003, we have pursued a comprehensive fibre-to-the-cabinet and VDSL strategy, with currently tens of thousands of optical street cabinets bringing high speed broadband to our customers. One year ago, we were the first to announce our VDSL2 Vectoring plans as an extension to this strategy; today, we can proudly confirm that we are well on track to engage in a mass rollout of VDSL2 Vectoring throughout the country.’

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