Talks ongoing for CDMA merger deal

16 Oct 2012

Discussions on a proposed merger of the CDMA network operations of Nigerian telecoms firms Multilinks, Starcomms and MTS First Communications are still underway, Reuters cites Lolia Emakpore, a director of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), as saying. ‘The discussions are going on and are not concluded yet. It’s purely a commercial thing between the companies,’ she said of the proposed merger, adding: ‘We are looking at them coming together and becoming a bigger CDMA provider.’ Asked whether the three firms had already submitted applications to the NCC to merge, Emakpore said: ‘I believe so.’ Multilinks, Starcomms and MTS First Communications are looking to combine their operations into a single entity, known as CAPCOM, in a bid to improve their competitiveness in Nigeria’s highly competitive and overcrowded telecoms market.

Nigeria, Capcom Telecoms (formerly Starcomms), Multi-links