Tanzania to build submarine cable link to Uganda

9 Oct 2012

Kampala-based newspaper the East African Business Week writes that the government of Tanzania has signed a contract with its counterpart in Uganda for the construction of an undersea cable, via Mutukula on the border, to alleviate problems with existing internet infrastructure breaking down. The contract signing comes after the Ugandan authorities launched a tender for an international firm to build out an alternative cable link to redress connectivity issues in the landlocked country.

According to Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) executive Nicodemus Mnungu, the new broadband backbone will increase Uganda’s internet transmission capacity and improve reliability. Going forward, Uganda will lease circuits to transfer internet data from Dar es Salaam to Mtukula, and on into Uganda. The tariffs charged will be dependent on connection and on how much bandwidth Uganda uses through the circuit, Mnungu said. ‘So far TTCL is also negotiating with Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to be connected with TTCL Broadband which is the custodian of National Information and Communication Technology Back Bone (NICTBB) that would in turn get the countries connected to world,’ Mnungu added.

Tanzania, Uganda, Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation