Cosmote introduces 43.2Mbps download speeds in 74 cities

9 Oct 2012

Cosmote Romania has announced that it now offers downlink transmission speeds of up to 43.2Mbps over its mobile broadband infrastructure, the Romanian Business Review reports. Lampros Iskos, Cosmote’s chief technical officer, commented: ‘Cosmote Romania implemented advanced broadband infrastructure, offering its customers the highest performance of the 3G network. Therefore, in the areas covered by the mobile broadband network, Cosmote Romania succeeds to provide the best data usage experience to its customers’. Although Iskos has not explicitly confirmed the technical specifications behind the increased speeds, it is assumed that the advanced connections are courtesy of a Dual Carrier (DC-)HSPA+ network deployment. Transmission speeds of 43.2Mbps are said to be available in 74 large cities, representing more than 41% of the Romanian population. Meanwhile, thanks to recent expansion work, Cosmote subscribers can enjoy download HSPA+ speeds of up to 21.6Mbps in 147 cities, equivalent to 68% of the population.