Vodacom clarifies 3G launch date

21 Sep 2012

According to MediaCongo.net, Vodacom Congo expects to launch its in-deployment 3G network prior to the 14th annual Francophonie Summit, which is being held in Kinshasa between 12 – 14 October. The date was let slip by Vodacom’s legal director Annie Kithima at a press briefing held at the Hotel Memling to allow journalists to ask questions about the shift towards 3G. Last month Vodacom Congo director general Moza Godfrey announced that the Congolese mobile operator had commenced its USD25 million 3G network rollout. The first phase of the deployment, which is currently concentrated in capital city Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, will see around 350 3G base stations installed by 31 December 2012.

Congo, Dem. Rep., Vodacom Congo (DRC)