SomCable awards network contract to Globecomm

21 Sep 2012

Communication solutions and services provider Globecomm Systems has announced that it has been awarded a contract for the supply of a new broadband wireless technology system to SomCable, a fibre-optic service provider registered in Somaliland. Under the terms of the contract, which is valued at USD2.7 million, Globecomm will provide the infrastructure that will allow SomCable to deliver voice, internet, TV and video communication services to subscribers with the goal of developing a framework of a carrier class communications service provider. It will provide the operator with the design and infrastructure to allow SomCable to maximise return on investment. Completion of the contracts is expected by the end of March 2013. Commenting on the contract, Michael Cothill, chief executive of SomCable, said: ‘Our confidence in Globecomm to deliver a state-of-the-art network such as this is unquestionable and the fact that Somaliland will uplift its profile and rise to become a participant in world class multimedia communications is extremely exciting in the development of the country’s communication infrastructure, which we are delighted to be part of.’ SomCable holds an exclusive 25-year licence for the rollout of Somaliland’s first fibre-optic infrastructure. The concession also includes individual operating and spectrum licences.

Somalia, GlobeComm Systems (US), Somcable (SO!)