Mach on the block: Telemach solicits interested parties for street hook-ups

19 Sep 2012

Slovenian cable network operator Telemach has issued, through its regional divisions, calls for prospective co-investors to register their interest in network rollout projects using cable and direct fibre technology. In a notice dated 17 September 2012 Telemach Rotovz called for co-investors in its planned construction of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) triple-play broadband access infrastructure in Dvorjane. In a separate announcement on the same day, Telemach gave its intention to attract investment partners in the build-out of the cable communication network in Petisovci. On 13 September the operator published a call for cable network rollout partners in Salka Vas. In each notice Telemach also called on co-investors ‘to build out or lease capacity of public communications networks and associated infrastructure.’

Slovenia, Telemach (Slovenia)