ISPs squeeze to please: Thai triple ‘T’s (including Triple T) freeze fees

19 Sep 2012

All three of Thailand’s largest fixed broadband internet providers – True, TOT and Triple T Broadband (3BB) – have announced upgrades to connection speeds at no extra cost, continuing their price freeze strategies of the last two years in order to meet their annual subscriber growth targets. The Bangkok Post reports that True is upgrading customers on 7Mbps (download) packages to 10Mbps, and 10Mbps connections to 14Mbps, retaining the same respective monthly rates of THB599 (USD19.40) and THB699; True added that the two packages account for a combined 60% share of its total broadband customers. Jasmine International, parent of Triple T Broadband (3BB), said the company is also upgrading its 7Mbps subscriptions to 10Mbps, maintaining the same price of THB590, and state-run telco TOT said it is doing exactly the same. For its part, TOT says it is aiming to end the year with a total of around 1.5 million broadband lines in service, whilst market leader True plans to sign up roughly half of the approximately half a million net new users it forecasts for the overall market this year to reach its target of 1.6 million customers. According to True’s own estimates, the Thai fixed broadband market is expected to grow by 20% to THB30 billion in revenues this year while the firm says the number of connected broadband households users is expected to reach 3.9 million.