HAKOM issues public call for digital dividend 4G licences

17 Sep 2012

In a press release, Croatian regulator HAKOM has issued a public call for the allocation of the 790MHz-862MHz wireless spectrum band (the ‘digital dividend’ band) for mobile network operators, following the release of the frequencies via the country’s transition to digital broadcasting in October 2010, and in response to market interest. The auction of mobile licences in the band suitable for 4G (LTE) services is expected to bring in state revenue of ‘several hundred million’ in terms of local currency, the watchdog stated. It added that, taking into account the differing dates of digital dividend release in neighbouring countries, at this point there remain some limitations on the use of this spectrum in certain areas of Croatia, and therefore the regulator has issued a document describing the current situation in the neighbouring countries. HAKOM also indicated that licence conditions will specify coverage of rural areas.