Damy uses SES Broadband satellites to spread access in Benin

14 Sep 2012

Damy Engineering has signed an agreement with SES Broadband Services to use 18MHz of the latter’s sub-Saharan satellite bandwidth to launch internet access services in Benin from mid-September. Damy is focusing on connecting post offices via an agreement with La Poste du Benin, as well as schools across the country and individual customers, and is also cooperating on the project with Nomotech, a subsidiary of French telco SFR. General Manager of Damy Engineering, Charles-Joel Djikpesse, explained the reasons for choosing satellite broadband, saying: ‘How can we establish an internet culture in a country lacking interconnection infrastructure, where cabled internet (xDSL) is notoriously inaccessible and ‘white zones’ constitute the overwhelming majority of the national territory? It is within this context of seeking solutions to allow equal access to its platform that Damy Engineering became interested in alternative technologies for internet access.’