CNT rolling out third phase of CDMA 450 network

14 Sep 2012

Ecuadorian state-run full-service telco Corporacion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CNT) has announced the latest locations to receive CDMA-450 fixed-wireless coverage under its third-phase network rollout, namely, Moraspungo, El Corazon, Zumbahua, Guangaje, Pilalo, La Mana, Angamarca and Pinllopata, reports La Gaceta. The deployments form part of an ongoing CDMA wireless in the local loop rollout, the third phase of which involves the deployment of 167 base stations, so that coverage can be extended to 3,883 locations in all 24 provinces of the country. This year so far, 89,832 CDMA-450 lines have been activated in the provinces of Imbabura, Tungurahua, Santa Elena, Bolivar, Galapagos, Loja and Cotopaxi. During phases one and two, CNT deployed 81,107 CDMA fixed-wireless lines in regions without access to its fixed wireline networks, under an investment of USD20 million.