T-Mobile selects Transmode to increase fibre capacity

13 Sep 2012

T-Mobile Austria has selected Swedish equipment vendor Transmode to increase the capacity on its nationwide fibre-optic network, in a bid to meet the growing needs of its mobile users. The deal leverages an existing agreement between Transmode and Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile Austria’s parent company. The project will see the Swedish firm implement its TG-Series wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) solution to increase capacity on its existing fibre network and support the growth of data traffic. Manfred Reiff, senior manager of Multilayer Transmission Planning at T-Mobile Austria, explained: ‘We were looking for a cost efficient and flexible solution to combine 10G and STM-16 services on the same infrastructure. We needed the new system to operate in parallel with the existing SDH network and our new IP platform’.

Austria, T-Mobile Austria (Magenta Telekom)