Kosovo-Serbia clash over prefix change

13 Sep 2012

The Kosovo assembly has adopted a resolution requesting that the government move to replace the current international prefix – currently Serbia’s +381 for fixed telephony and +377 and +386 for mobile telephony – to Albania’s unique country code +355. The process is expected to encounter difficulties, however as ‘the usage of a code from another country will cause many technical problems,’ B92 cites International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Secretary General Hamadoun Toure as saying. Albania’s PM Sali Berisha said that he supported the principle of the move, though he would give a final opinion once he had consulted experts. Belgrade meanwhile has opposed the plans, calling on the ITU to halt the process, accusing Pristina of attempting to abuse international agreements and standards. The Serbian Trade and Telecommunications minister told local press that he expected the resolution to be stopped.