Construction on ‘most advanced data centre in Caribbean’ underway in Curacao

13 Sep 2012

The Curacao Technology Exchange (CTEX) has confirmed that it is in the construction phase of ‘CU-1’, the first of four data centres scheduled to be built on Curacao. When complete, the structure will reportedly be the first Tier-IV Uptime Institute-certified data centre in the Caribbean and Latin America. CTEX’s four 5,200 square metre high-density data centres are being built on top of a mountain terrace 60 metres above sea level.

Curacao, which was previously a part of the Netherlands Antilles, was selected as the site for the initiative for both geographic and economic reasons. It is situated outside the hurricane belt and major seismic zone, and boasts a multi-lingual workforce and political neutrality. Further, Curacao offers a number of fiscal benefits, including zero import duties on equipment and a 2% profit tax regime for international companies seeking to establish an operating entity on the island.