Emaxx deploys EION Wireless 4G solution

7 Sep 2012

EION Wireless, a Canadian manufacturer of broadband wireless products, has announced the signing of an agreement with Cambodian WiMAX operator Emaxx Telecom for the deployment of its Star4G 16e mobile base stations, AAA and ASN express gateway servers, and fixed and mobile end user CPE devices for a service provider network in Phnom Penh. The announcement follows a successful trial of the EION Wireless equipment by Emaxx. The next phase of the deployment is expected to be completed in Q4 2012, and includes support for indoor CPE devices which will target the growing retail sector in Cambodia. Future expansion of the Emaxx 4G network will include tele-education applications for schools, as well as security and surveillance applications. ‘Emaxx is deploying EION’s Star 4G platform – an ultra-high performance data-centric mobile WiMAX and LTE system. Unlike other platforms on the market that are designed around a cellular voice-centric architecture, Star4G is designed with a data-centric focus for the delivery of voice, video and data services,’ said Sean Ngu, CEO of Emaxx Telecom, adding: ‘This Star4G architecture delivers a high quality of experience for high definition multimedia mobile services. Star4G can be targeted for mobile TV delivery, high-definition mobile video surveillance and video collaboration and high definition/low-latency mobile gaming applications.’

Cambodia, Kingtel