BVI broadband users receive boost after territory receives DNS server

7 Sep 2012

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has announced that broadband users in the Virgin Islands (UK) will soon benefit from a faster, more resilient service when the British Overseas Territory receives its own Domain Name System (DNS) server. Often characterised as ‘the phonebook of the internet’, a DNS is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, and any other resource connected to the internet or a private network, and as such, is an essential component of the functionality of the internet. According to the TRC, the Virgin Islands (UK) will be the first British Overseas Territory and one of only a handful of countries in the Caribbean to have a local copy of the critical service. The equipment required for service is being donated to the territory by US-based non-profit organisation Packet Clearing House (PCH). TRC CEO Guy Lester Malone commented: ‘The BVI was the first British Overseas Territory to establish an Internet exchange point. Now we are building on that foundation by adding additional equipment and services that will benefit Internet users and businesses across the territory’.

Virgin Islands (U.K.), Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC)