Telkom seeks new partner for satellite launch

6 Sep 2012

Indonesian telecoms operator PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) is reportedly seeking a new partner to help it launch a new communications satellite, The Jakarta Post reports. The move follows the failure of its joint venture with Russian company Reshetnev in August that resulted in the Russian vehicle Proton-M’s abortive launch, including with it Telkom’s satellite Telekom-3 and Russian orbiter Express-MD2. Telkom vice president director Indra Uto is quoted as saying that whilst no decision has been taken on the new partner, the telco is trying to find ‘the best’, as it really needs to launch a new satellite. Telkom says that the satellite had cost roughly USD200 million, but that it was insured.

The two multi-million dollar satellites were set to provide Indonesia (Telekom-3) and Russia (Express-MD2) with telecoms connectivity, and the failed launch marked the latest in a series of notable failures that have dogged Russia’s once-pioneering space industry. This was the first time Telkom Indonesia had partnered with a Russian company. It had previously worked with France-based ArianeSpace to launch its Telkom-2 Satellite in November 2005.

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