AT&T also targeting Comcast, Horizon WCS frequencies?

6 Sep 2012

The technical details concerning AT&T Mobility’s pending deals for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) and 2.3GHz Wireless Communications Services (WCS) spectrum have been ‘fleshed out’ in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Fierce Wireless reports. The move underlines its bid to keep pace with chief rival Verizon Wireless in the hunt for new spectrum.

As reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate last month, AT&T agreed a deal worth up to USD600 million to acquire San Diego-based spectrum holding company NextWave Wireless, a major holder of 2.3GHz WCS frequencies. WCS spectrum was first auctioned in 1997, but has never been utilised for mobile broadband usage due to technical rules designed to avoid possible interference with satellite radio users in adjacent spectrum bands. The deal will effectively combine the nation’s two largest WCS spectrum holders (AT&T is the largest and NextWave is the second largest).

In addition, Fierce Wireless reports that AT&T is now seeking to acquire more WCS spectrum from Comcast and Horizon Wi-Com, which are two of the last remaining WCS spectrum holders outside of AT&T and NextWave. AT&T wants between 10MHz and 25MHz of WCS spectrum from Comcast in 149 markets and 10MHz of WCS spectrum from Horizon Wi-Com in a further 132. The values of those two transactions have not been disclosed.

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