Minister warns mobile operators over QoS obligations

4 Sep 2012

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s minister of communications, Tryphone Kin-Key Mulumba, has warned the country’s four mobile operators that they must improve their service quality by 7 September or face sanctions, Radio Okapi reports. In a public address on 31 August Mulumba suggested that subscribers of Airtel DRC, Congo-Chine Telecom (Orange), Oasis Telecom (Tigo DRC) and Vodacom Congo have witnessed unacceptable lapses in quality of service (QoS) in recent weeks, commenting: ‘For a month and a half, users have found that a decline in the quality of communication is a real problem, and no reimbursement system currently exists’. Mulumba added that he is preparing to table a bill at the end of the parliamentary recess to make it possible to sanction operators who do not demonstrably improve their service during the specified time-frame.

Congo, Dem. Rep., Airtel DRC, Orange DRC, Tigo DRC, Vodacom Congo (DRC)