ANCOM validates LTE spectrum applicants, confirms identities of bidders

24 Aug 2012

Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has confirmed that it has validated the initial bids submitted for its imminent spectrum auction, which is poised to commence on 10 September. Interestingly, the watchdog has revealed that the holding of primary rounds of bidding will be required because the initial bids exceed the number of available blocks in at least one frequency band. During the initial primary round, the price for each spectrum block will equal the reserve price for the respective category. Each bidder is invited to submit one offer stating the number of blocks in each category it wishes to bid on. By the closing of each primary round, all submitted bids will be aggregated and, if the demand still exceeds the number of available frequency blocks, a new primary round will be scheduled. As such, the primary rounds will end once demand does not exceed availability.

As per local press speculation, operators participating in the auction have now been confirmed as Vodafone Romania, Cosmote Romania, Orange Romania, Romania Cable Systems (RCS&RDS) and 2K Telecom. While the majority of the bidders are already prominent presences within the domestic wireless market, 2K Telecom is something of an unknown quantity. The broadband provider, which was founded by local business man Sebastian Ghita in 2000, claims to operate a nationwide data network, with coverage in most cities and towns of over 10,000 inhabitants. While its primary focus is thought to be the enterprise market, 2K also offers wholesale WiMAX connectivity in partnership with a number of other companies.