Cablevision says investment lower over dispute with government

17 Aug 2012

Cablevision, the cable network operator owned by Argentine media giant Grupo Clarin, has said investment for this year will be lower than originally planned due to its escalating dispute with the government, BNamericas reports, citing local newspaper El Cronista. Cablevision had originally budgeted investment of USD330 million for 2012, but this has now been scaled back by around USD100 million. The dispute between Clarin and the administration of President Cristina Fernandez has been ongoing since 2008, when the media group criticised Fernandez’s handling of farmer protests soon after she succeeded her late husband as president. According to company sources, the conflict with the government is affecting the fulfillment of certain goals, but is not affecting the quality of services provided by Cablevision in any way.

Argentina, Cablevision (FiberTel)