Kordia in discussions with govt over its future

9 Aug 2012

State owned telecommunications company Kordia is undergoing a strategic review, with the findings expected to be made public later this year, ComputerWorld.co.nz reports. However, Kordia CEO Geoff Hunt said that he will not comment publicly on the review until it has been ‘bedded in’ with management and staff, a process which is not expected to be completed until September. Kordia, originally the transmission arm of Television New Zealand, became a state owned enterprise in 2003. In 2006 it embarked on a ‘broadcast to broadband strategy, sensing that its primary source of income was under threat on account of the pending switch off of analogue television. However, Kordia board member Rhoda Phillippo commented: ‘From our perspective making the right decision in the telecommunications/ISP market, you have to be very aware of the economic environment both in Australia and New Zealand. It’s not just strategically reviewing the business and analogue switch off, it’s reviewing what context you are in, who’s changing, who’s moving and shaping and where would you fit into it. I think it will be carefully considered. There’s no rush to sell off the crown jewels in any way shape or form, it’s much more a board deciding strategically what the right move for Kordia is in the future’.

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