‘Back to the future?’ TWC plots move towards all-IP

6 Aug 2012

Time Warner Cable (TWC) will move onto an all-IP technology platform ‘over some number of years’, CEO Glenn Britt revealed last week in a call with analysts, following the release of the cableco’s 2Q12 results. Fierce IPTV quotes Britt as saying: ‘Whatever the merits of that from an engineering sense, all things IP are the standard that the world is building devices to so that’s the standard we’re going to end up migrating to, until something better comes along’. The migration towards an all-IP platform will include the introduction of set-top boxes, and TWC president Robert Marcus confirmed that powerful gateway devices that attach to TWC’s broadband network are being installed this year. He confirmed: ‘It will have six tuners, 1TB of storage. It will have the DOCSIS 3.0 modem as well as the ability to transcode content from quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)-based video into IP so that it can be consumed by IP devices, including the IP set-tops’. Britt concluded: ‘When you think about it, the only reason we have set-tops now is [because] the traditional TV sets could not display all of our services without them. So, in a way we are going back to the past, we are going back to the future, whatever we are doing.’

United States, Time Warner Cable (Spectrum)