UCC told to bring telcos to heel

26 Jul 2012

Ugandan telecoms regulator the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has been given a two month deadline by the government to rein-in telcos over unsolicited messages. According to local news sources, MPs described the messages, which usually advertise lotteries and sales promotions, as an ‘invasion of privacy’ and have called for the UCC to revoke the concessions of repeat offenders. One MP, Odonga Otto, said: ‘Telecom companies need to be regulated. Even at midnight they send messages about winning [prizes] or joining some kind of lottery. This is an invasion of privacy which can lead to law suits.’ For its part, the UCC said it was in the process of drafting new terms for service providers and had acquired monitoring equipment as part of its efforts to improve quality of service (QoS). As previously reported by CommsUpdate, the UCC launched a fresh offensive on the country’s cellcos earlier this year in response to a ‘public outcry’ over poor QoS. In May, the watchdog said that it was collecting data and would be issuing fines to operators that fell short of the QoS standards stipulated by their licences.