Jamaica plans LTE and fibre-optic cable auctions

26 Jul 2012

Jamaican telecoms minister Phillip Paulwell has announced that the government is planning to launch a spectrum auction for frequencies in the 700MHz range, reports Stabroek News. The tender is intended to give operators the option to introduce 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services, which will allow ‘video-sharing, surveillance, conferencing and streaming in higher definition than is possible with existing 3G technologies.’ Paulwell added that the auction will have a reserve price, but gave no further details. The minister also said that the government was planning to award a new ‘international fibre-optic cable licence’, but again, gave no additional information. The latter of the two auctions was reportedly motivated by concerns at the telecoms ministry that broadband penetration had been slowed by high prices in the sector.

Jamaica, Ministry of Science, Energy & Technology (MSET)