Peru enforces net neutrality, looks to roll out fibre backbone

25 Jul 2012

The Peruvian government has announced that it will support the deployment of a national fibre-optic backbone for broadband access, Andina reports. The announcement followed the passing last week of the Law for the Promotion of Broadband and Construction of Optical Fibre Backbone. Telecoms regulator Osiptel will oversee the rollout, and ensure access is competitive, whilst the Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (ProInversion) has been tasked with selecting a company to carry out the installation. Osiptel is understood to be drawing up technical criteria for the network, which will link all provincial capitals, and have connections to all districts. Further, the broadband bill ensures net neutrality, making it illegal for an internet service provider (ISP) to block, interfere with, discriminate against or restrict the right of any user to use an application, regardless of origin, destination or nature.

Peru, Osiptel