iiNet boosts capacity from Southern Cross Cable from 20Gbps to 200Gbps

25 Jul 2012

Alternative Australian broadband provider iiNet has reportedly inked a deal with Southern Cross Cable which will see the latter increase the international capacity it provides the internet service provider (ISP) with by ten. According to ZDNet Australia, iiNet has signed an agreement upgrading the available capacity supplied by Southern Cross from 20Gbps to 200Gbps, although it is understood that the ISP does not intend to use all of the additional capacity immediately. Citing iiNet’s chief technical officer John Linsday, the report claims that the operator has signed an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) for the 200Gbps, which involves a fixed payment to secure the capacity, and a variable payment as the more capacity is switched on. With Mr Lindsay claiming that iiNet’s capacity requirement is increasing by around 1% each month, an extra 20Gbps will be added next month, with further increases taking place as and when needed.