NTA recommends MoIC to adopt new interim frequency policy

23 Jul 2012

The Himalayan Times reports that the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has recommended the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) to endorse its new 2012 interim frequency policy, adding that it has suggested the adoption of a plan to auction GSM mobile frequencies, and an administrative pricing system to allocate link frequencies or microwave frequency. Under the NTA’s draft proposal, it is recommended that the ministry set aside 2×6MHz of 900MHz spectrum for mobile services, 2×2.5MHz for CDMA (limited-mobility) services and 2×2.4MHz for limited-mobility under the GSM standard.

Further, the NTA proposes that the MoIC charge operators 0.4% of their total annual income as an interim frequency fee. The charge for additional frequency will be fixed through an auction, the draft policy says. It also proposes charging operators NPR10 million (USD114,070) for a 1MHz block in the 800MHz-800MHz band, NPR5 million for 1MHz in the 1800MHz band, and NPR7 million per megahertz in the 2100MHz band. Finally, the watchdog has promoted the idea of charging NPR5 million per megahertz for frequencies in the 2300MHz and 2600MHz band, and NPR250,000 for 1MHz of 3.3GHz spectrum.