Oi SA completes integration of Vex network

10 Jul 2012

Brazilian carrier Oi SA, formed through the restructuring of Telemar Participacoes’ former operating divisions Brasil Telecom, Tele Norte Leste Participacoes, Coari Participacoes and Telemar Norte Leste, has announced that a year after acquiring domestic Wi-Fi firm Vex, it has successfully integrated both companies’ networks. RCR Wireless reports that as part of the process, Oi has renamed Vex’s service to Oi WiFi and is now expanding its own portfolio of products to Vex customers. Oi SA currently has a network of 2,200 hotspots, around 1,600 of which were previously owned by the smaller rival. Further, Oi says that former Vex customers will now be offered its free Android application to download which will allow them to connect to Oi hotspots seamlessly, improving their user experience when switching from mobile (3G) to Wi-Fi networks. The carrier is looking to ramp up its position as a complete internet access provider in Brazil, and in 2011 launched a new strategy to offer its users Wi-Fi coverage both locally and internationally – it has access to some 40,000 global hotspots through roaming agreements. RCR Wireless quotes Oi’s Abel Camargo as saying that: ‘To invest in Wi-Fi is also cheaper than investing to increase our 3G network,’ although the official stopped short of divulging CAPEX on its Wi-Fi business to date. In August 2011 Oi confirmed that it bought Vex for BRL27 million (USD16.8 million).

Brazil, Oi