Parliament ratifies new regulator powers

6 Jul 2012

Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, has adopted amendments to the Telecommunications Law, clarifying and extending the powers of the regulator, the National Commission on Communications and Information Regulation (NKRZI or NCCR). In particular, the Law now formally establishes the NKRZI’s powers regarding: distribution, management and removal of numbering resources; the provision of services for the transfer (porting) of subscriber numbers; the provision of national roaming services; quality standards of telecoms services; establishing an exhaustive list of grounds for refusal to issue, reissue, renew, cancel or duplicate licences for usage of telecoms resources; and the establishment of administrative and economic responsibilities of network operators and other telecoms service providers in the form of fines for violation of legislation. As reported by BizLiga, the law ‘On Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine’ gives the NKRZI the authority to determine the number of licences for the use of radio frequency resources, to be issued for a specific radio technology in the frequency bands allocated; the law also stipulates controls over the import or production of radio devices to be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.