4G not likely until at least 2014, Indonesian ministry says

5 Jul 2012

Muhammad Budi Setia, an official working at Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics (MoCI), has told local paper The Jakarta Post that the government is not optimistic that 4G mobile services will become a reality in the country until 2014 at the earliest. ‘The adoption of 4G is not easy and if we are not careful we may be blamed later. Maybe in two years, [the possibility of] 4G [on a nationwide basis] will be possible,’ he said. The ministry official went on to say that the government is studying examples of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) frequency allocations in other markets before committing to its own tender process. One issue under discussion is to ensure Indonesia selects the right bands to use to ensure handset and roaming capabilities can be optimised. Recently, a former government minister Heru Sutadi, suggested that the simplest option would be to refarm the 1800Mhz spectrum for LTE based services.