Nepal’s regulator to amend national numbering plan

28 Jun 2012

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is considering an amendment to the way it sets up tariff charges under the proposed new national numbering plan. The Himalayan Times quotes NTA deputy director Min Prasad Aryal as saying that numbering is seen as a ‘critical resource’ for the regulator and one of the primary sources for it to collect revenues through the way it allocates frequency spectrum and operating rights. The state can generate significant income by charging telecom service providers for using particular numbers, he said, and has set up a committee to recommend ways to improve the current system. The government-backed committee will study plans to introduce a more ‘scientific national numbering plan’ designed to maintain the long term growth of the sector, he added. The telephone-numbering plan is used to allocate telephone numbers to subscribers and to route telephone calls over the PSTN. The committee will be tasked with revisiting the existing plan with a focus on ‘estimating the available numbering capacity, estimating the required numbering capacity, determining number lengths and planning for geographic numbers,’ for the new scheme.