Nobody’s home: DoT threatens closed-down cellco with fines

27 Jun 2012

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued a show-cause notice to Etisalat DB for closing down its operations without giving the regulator and customers 60 days’ notice. According to Zeebiz News, the DoT said in its notice that it could impose a penalty of up to INR500 million (USD8.75 million) on the operator for violating the terms of its licence agreement, adding: ‘As per the SC (Supreme Court) order, the companies licences are valid until 7 September but it has not followed the process to close down operations.’

Eitslat’s network was reportedly closed down in January 2012 by Reliance Infratel, with which it had signed a passive infrastructure sharing agreement, before announcing at the end of February that it would not be continuing operations, giving customers just 30 days’ notice before shutting down completely at end-March 2012.

India, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Etisalat DB (formerly Swan Telecom)