Telebras starts process for implementation of international submarine cable

22 Jun 2012

Brazilian state-controlled telecoms group Telecomunicacoes Brasileiras (Telebras) has opened the public consultation process for its forthcoming international submarine cable system project, putting the relevant documentation up on its website. The telco says it has made available the ‘Termo de Referencia do Sistema Atlantico de Cabos Submarinos’ (the terms of reference), with the goal of collecting investment from national and international companies for the implementation of the project linking Brazil, the US, Africa and South Cone. In total, there will be five submarine optical cables, totalling 24,000km, the estimated total cost of which BRL1.8 billion (USD885.9 million). Work on the project is expected to begin in 2014. The public consultation runs until 5 July 2012.

Brazil, Telecomunicacoes Brasileiras (Telebras)