Ericsson performs first live LTE FDD/TDD handover on China Mobile HK’s network

22 Jun 2012

Ericsson has performed a bidirectional LTE FDD/TDD handover on China Mobile Hong Kong’s live network, using a commercial chipset from Altair Semiconductor, demonstrating seamless end-user service in a converged LTE FDD/TDD network, and claiming a world first. Ericsson said that interworking between LTE FDD/TDD in networks will be of increasing importance for operators that have spectrum for both LTE modes, allowing operators to seamlessly offer mobile broadband services on FDD and TDD spectrum, increasing capacity and improving consumer experience. China Mobile Hong Kong’s LTE network is provided by Ericsson and currently uses the FDD mode. As demonstrated in the handover, Ericsson is now preparing to offer operators a fully integrated FDD/TDD network that ‘from a systems point of view, is as simple as handover between a system running two frequencies.’