BIPT confirms that BASE has reached 3G coverage requirement

22 Jun 2012

Having previously warned mobile network operator BASE to ensure it achieved pre-determined coverage requirements for its 3G network rollout, the Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT) has now confirmed that the cellco has done so. Confirming that BASE’s third-generation infrastructure was now available to at least 85% of the Belgian population, and with the operator having reached that coverage level within a deadline stipulated by the concession it won in 2001, the BIPT has revealed that it has halted administrative proceedings against BASE.

Following an examination of mobile operator coverage levels in mid-2011 the BIPT had highlighted the fact that, while Belgacom and Mobistar had both extended their respective networks to at least 85% of the country, BASE had yet to do so at that date. Having been given until 9 March 2012 to reach the required coverage level, the BIPT reportedly conducted a new examination of coverage levels in March and April this year, following which it has confirmed BASE’s network as having surpassed the required coverage level.