Legislator reports poor support for DICT bill

15 Jun 2012

Parliamentary representative Sigfrido Tinga has reported dismay that the administration of President Aquino has failed to throw its full weight behind proposals to create a separate ICT department, blaming budgetary and manpower issues as the reason. The Philippine Daily Inquirer quotes Representative Tinga as saying that the telecoms industry would benefit immensely if the DICT Bill was passed into Law. The Bill is designed to establish a Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), but has become buried in parliament. House Bill 4667, the edict that aims to create the DICT, was passed by the House in late-2011, following which the Senate passed on the third and final reading, a counterpart measure, Senate Bill 50, in February this year. However, the DICT Law is still pending and Tinga now argues that its creation would send a message to prospective investors that the Philippines was serious in supporting its technology sector that includes manufacturing and services, particularly, business process outsourcing (BPO). ‘Unfortunately, the DICT is just not a priority for the executive. I think they still need to be convinced that this is important,’ Tinga said earlier this week.