ISP Connect dismisses claims over lack of market competition

12 Jun 2012

Fijian internet service provider (ISP) Connect has rejected accusations of a lack of competition in the local market, maintaining there is sufficient choice for the end user. The comment, made by Ivan Fong, acting CEO of Connect’s parent Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL), comes in the wake of claims by the Consumer Council of Fiji that the ISP is too dominant in the market – specifically where it concerns fixed broadband services. The Council had earlier rejected the ISP’s assertion that it operated in a competitive environment as ‘not entirely true’, noting that there were effectively only two players in the country, one of which was Connect – owned by the incumbent which controls all fixed line services in Fiji. A spokeswoman for the Council, Mrs Kumar, contends that Connect’s status in the sector is a reflection of its connection to TFL – not down to its own efforts to look after customers – and bemoans the fact that whilst there are a number of wireless ISPs in Fiji, they ‘operate in a different market and network coverage is undoubtedly limited and sporadic’.

Fiji, Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL)