Bosnia’s CRA announces reduction in FNP charge

1 Jun 2012

Bosnia’s Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA) has announced that following a regulatory session it has adopted new rules regarding fixed number portability (FNP). The watchdog has confirmed that, with a view to boosting competition while encouraging liberalisation in the fixed line sector, the administrative fee for the transfer of numbers between fixed lines will be dropped from BAM30 to BAM20 (USD18.9 to USD12.7).

Accordingly to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, the introduction of FNP in Bosnia was some time in coming, with CRA first issuing a draft Rule on the Transferability of Telephone Numbers for public consultation lasting in October 2007. In March 2011 the CRA assessed that, of the eleven companies licensed to provide voice telephony services at the time, only three – AirABA and Act-Online from Sarajevo, and Annex from Banja Luka – had carried out the necessary technical preparations to introduce the service. In response, the watchdog revealed that it had imposed fines of BAM500,000 on the eight companies which failed to meet the target. The CRA went on to set a new deadline for the implementation of FNP of 15 April 2011, but this too proved too tight a deadline for a number of operators, and it was not until August 2011 that it was confirmed that HT Mostar had become the last operator to complete the preparations for the introduction of the service. Following that, later that same month the CRA confirmed that FNP would be commercially available from 1 September 2011.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Communications Regulatory Agency (RAK)