Verizon doubles top FiOS fibre speed to 300Mbps

31 May 2012

Verizon Communications has announced that it is poised to more than double the transmission speeds offered by several of its FiOS fibre-optic broadband tiers, doubling its premium product’s download speed to 300Mbps. From tomorrow the company’s refreshed FiOS portfolio will feature new download/upload speed tiers of 75Mbps/35Mbps and 300Mbps/65Mbps, while the existing 25Mbps/25Mbps and 35Mbps/35Mbps tariffs will both be phased out in due course. However, the company has also confirmed that it intends to preserve its entry level 15Mbps offering. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, Verizon’s 150Mbps package, which is currently priced at USD199.99 per month, represents the fastest download speed commercially available in the US.

According to the telco, customers using a 300Mbps connection can download a two-hour, standard-definition movie in less than 40 seconds, and a two-hour, high-definition movie (5 GB) in 2.2 minutes. More than 13.7 million customers in parts of nine north-east and Mid-Atlantic states, plus parts of Florida, Texas, California and the District of Columbia are currently served by Verizon’s FiOS network. The total population coverage is expected to grow to 18 million as Verizon continues its fibre-optic deployment.

Bob Mudge, president of Verizon’s consumer and mass market business unit, characterised the broadband speed increases as a ‘societal and technological necessity’, enabling consumers to enjoy a ‘borderless lifestyle’. He commented: ‘The ways we used the internet and watched TV over the past ten to 15 years have dramatically shifted. With the emergence of smartphones, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets and gaming consoles that also serve as over-the-top devices, consumers need more bandwidth to receive the highest-quality experience.’

United States, Verizon Communications