R-KOM is latest QSC open access partner

31 May 2012

German voice, data and ICT services provider QS Communications (QSC) has announced that it has signed up regional telecoms operator R-KOM as a new partner for its Open Access platform – a network, process and service hub for providers and consumers of next generation access (NGA). QSC claims to be the first provider in Germany to operate an Open Access platform, which unites a wide range of broadband technologies to offer national and international site networking, including managed services. Through its cooperation with QSC, Regensberg-based R-KOM will be able to open up its fibre-optic infrastructure to other providers. QSC will then be able to offer these connections to its own wholesale partners, internet service providers (ISPs), carriers and resale partners for marketing purposes. ‘With Open Access, we offer market participants the opportunity to benefit from this development and leave the limitations of [incumbent telco Deutsche Telekom’s] copper network behind,’ noted Alfred Rauscher, CEO of R-KOM, adding: ‘In addition to ISPs and carriers, QSC can now offer its wholesale and resale partners in Eastern Bavaria R-KOM connections with bandwidths of up to 100Mbps. This contributes to a higher utilisation of our network and a faster return on investment.’ In addition to R-KOM, QSC already has contracts with other fibre-optic providers, including NetCologne, wilhelm.tel, Leipzig-based HL komm and Stadtwerke Herne.

Germany, q.beyond (formerly QSC)