Indonesians rushing to buy tablet PCs, report says

31 May 2012

Research group GfK Indonesia reports that around 704,000 tablet PCs worth over USD385 million were sold in the country over the past twelve months, as Indonesian tech-savvy users embraced the trend for mobile computing. The group published its findings on sales for the last four quarters, showing that more than 277,000 units were sold in the January-March 2012 period, on the back of record expansion in the last three months of 2011, when sales of devices doubled quarter-on-quarter. The popularity of tablet PCs is further fuelled by internet connectivity, said Guntur Sanjoyo, general manager of GfK Indonesia. ‘The tablet is the latest tech toy rapidly gaining acceptance in the country,’ he said. ‘With the growing prevalence of models which come with the telephony feature, coupled with the affordable subscription plans offered by the operators, we can anticipate tablet performance to turn in an excellent report card boasting at least a twofold growth in 2012,’ he added. The report finds that Jakarta occupies the biggest market share, although significant growth is being registered in areas such as Surabaya and Bandung.