Kenya invites South Sudan to connect to region’s fibre-optic cables

30 May 2012

According to a press release from the government of South Sudan (GoSS), the Kenyan authorities have invited the newly independent country to connect to fibre-optic cables in the East African region. In a meeting with South Sudan’s minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Kenyan ambassador Bruce Madete said the invitation would form part of broadband interconnectivity programmes in the East African Community to improve communications in the region. Madete revealed that Kenya is connected through a cable in Turkana near Eastern Equatoria, adding that the country is open to discussions with South Sudan on the possibility of connecting to fibre-optic cables in the area. South Sudan’s fixed line infrastructure was almost completely destroyed during the civil war. After seceding from the north in July 2011, South Sudan began drawing up its own independent regulations for the country’s telecommunications sector. The north’s main mobile operators, Kuwait-based Zain, South Africa’s MTN and local firm Sudatel have been dividing their operations into two units since the south gained its own international dialling code.

Kenya, South Sudan